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After attending Wallingford School, he attended the Polytechnic of Central London (which became the University of Westminster during his time there), studying for a BA in Media Studies.

He claims that he did not graduate because his dissertation was written on video games, which was not an acceptable topic.

" he explained." I wouldn’t want to, in a way, in case I ended up doing something that looked massively dated.

I’ve probably gone more conceptual with the next season, partly because I think the world became so unpredictable.

Aside from games reviews, his output included the comic strip "Cybertwats" and a column titled "Sick Notes", where Brooker would insult anyone who wrote in to the magazine and offered a £50 prize to the "best" letter.

These validation behaviours also showed negative correlations with personality traits such as conscientiousness, openness and agreeableness.I don’t know if I’ve lost touch with reality, or what.But then what often tends to happen is I think, Oh my God, this is completely and utterly farfetched, and then reality catches up.One segment of each show is usually dedicated to positive reviews, with analysis on why the style and content are so absorbing.Much of the programme is filmed in Brooker's living room, with shots of him sitting in front of his TV (and laptop) with remote control in hand talking to camera, occasionally bellowing insults or sarcastic comments at whatever happens to be shown at the time, interspersed with shots of TV shows.

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