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"They are seen as pushovers; as caring solely about satisfying other people's interest.

We found that flirtation, on the other hand, conveys assertiveness and power, from someone who is also concerned about satisfying their own interests," she said.

We've found that most naughty dating sites show only beautiful facades. These sites present only irritating pictures of naked women on their homepages.

But there is no rule without exception: A few adult dating sites have met our criteria.

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If you hit it off with someone local to you then why not make it physical and put your text into action!Effective feminine charm combines flirtation with friendliness and women who get it right can get around 20 per cent off the price of a car, according to the study.But getting the right balance between flirting and being friendly is vital, because women who are too straightforwardly friendly lose out, according to Dr Laura Kray who led the study.Feminine charm is a measurable phenomenon, scientists have established, with women who employ it enjoying the most success in negotiations.Results from the first academic study of the technique shows that it can increase success rates in negotiations with both men and women by as much as a third.

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