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But senior emergency department consultants say hospital beds are being blocked by families dumping elderly relatives on the health service during the Christmas period.

Doctors also claim some families refuse to sign relatives up to the 'Fair Deal' scheme, which allows patients to share nursing home costs with the State, because they do not want to spend their future inheritance on their loved one's care.

To manage the cost of living, more and more Californians are moving in together, often sharing rooms at twice the rate of the national average, according to the HCD. They, too, thought about turning their extra space into a rentable apartment as an inventive way to make more housing available.

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After his business failed, homeowner Ira Belgrade built — without a permit — this two-story Accessory Dwelling Unit, or "granny flat," on his property to supplement his income. Then, that April, Belgrade's wife died suddenly from complications related to Lyme disease.

The Los Angeleno and his wife of more than 13 years ran a successful talent-management company, and they'd recently converted their garage into a home office and rec room.

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