Not being desperate dating

When I was dating around, I loved nothing more than the euphoric feeling of talking to a guy and just knowing, without a doubt, that we were going to have something.It was this flirtiness shot through with electric anticipation, and the high would carry me through our first few dates.Most people can identify a person who has a high level of self-confidence but it is a bit more difficult to define self-confidence itself. In fact, self-confidence is equated with humility and the confidence that you are not perfect, explains the University of Illinois in their online guide, "Self-Confidence." You can build your self-confidence when you emphasize your strengths, when you take chances, and when you use positive self-talk and consistently evaluate yourself.Building your level of confidence can help you feel less inclined to resort to behaviors that show people you are desperate.This may not seem like a problem to some women, but for me it is.When I am dating, I like to really take my time and get to know someone before I put any “name” on what we’re doing. They make frantic phone calls to men they barely know looking for reassurance.

Here is the problem I’ve had…we go out once (maybe twice) and have a good time. (And yes, this has happened at least three times recently.) I understand liking me and wanting to spend time with me, and hoping that things will go further.

What I don’t understand is why they get so obsessive.

I’m a divorced mother with two young children, but I am not looking for someone to “rescue” me.

For example, when a woman who is afraid of being alone chooses to get into a committed relationship with a man who is not her equal, the message she send to her self-esteem is that she’s not worth a better man. In other words, you need to begin to re-train your brain. Take a break from dating and focus your attention exclusively on things you're confident about and good at doing.

If you regularly score points at work, consider spending an extra hour or two at the office each day.

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