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Parkside Villas is nestled amongst the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills.Our residents enjoy an outdoor-centric lifestyle, located just minutes from some of Southern California's best hiking and biking trails and not far from the beaches of Ventura and Los Angeles.A National Monument will ensure the protection and conservation for the future.This unique designation can be made by the President of the United States and is consistent with the wishes of the federally recognized Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Tribal Council who have worked to have the site designated as a California Sacred Site.The family made its way to Los Angeles, using the communal, open-door attitude of the time to panhandle, collect food, bum rides, recruit new members, and obtain campsites and temporary homes.

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Within an hour, the flames had consumed the buildings that once served as backdrops for B Westerns, —the Longhorn Saloon, Rock City Café, the undertaking parlor, a barn, and a "jail." The destruction of the ranch made national news, but not because of the movies that had been filmed there since the 1940s.

They also occasionally escaped to the Barker Ranch in Death Valley, which was owned by a family member's grandmother.

Their grandest home was Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's log cabin-style mansion (once owned by Will Rogers) in Rustic Canyon.

The most extensive collection in print documenting the Discordian Society's wild and wooly legacy, Historia Discordia features the unique worldview and wit of such illuminated iconoclasts as Robert Anton Wilson and Discordian founders Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley.

Chronicling Discordianism's halcyon days, Historia Discordia presents a fun and freewheeling romp through rare photos, holy tracts, art collages, and fnords, many of which appear for the first time in print.

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