The dating game sweet valley high 78

Liz wakes up from a coma following her accident and has turned into ... She dumps Todd and starts flirting madly and indiscriminantly with other guys. She manages to charm everybody, except English teacher Roger Collins.

When she hits on him and he doesn't respond, she lets her truly diabolical side rule and accuses him of assault and Liz, who had not been entirely fooled, must expose her treachery and help save Mr. Steven Wakefield discovers why his girlfriend Tricia Martin has seemed distant lately; Jessica tries again to get him interested in her friend Cara; the twins are candy-stripers at the local hospital. It turns out Roger's father was Bruce's uncle Paul.

The Girl They Both Loved November 1991 Olivia's Story ‡ December 1991 81.

Jessica Against Bruce July 1992 Todd's Story ‡ August 1992 87.

Soap Star May 1992 The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story µ June 1992 86. Elizabeth Betrayed November 1992 Murder On the Line † December 1992 90.

Left at the Altar August 1994 Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume 1 µ September 1994 Jessica's Secret Diary Volume 1 µ Septmeber 1994 109.

At long last, Jessica is finally dating Bruce Patman!

the dating game sweet valley high 78-89

I don’t think it was ever released with that title.

This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication dates (which dictate the order in which I review them)!

It includes all the “regular” books along with Super Editions, Super Thrillers, Super Stars, Magna Editions, Sweet Valley Saga, etc.

Quarterback November 1990 Enid's Story ‡ December 1990 71.

Cheating To Win July 1991 The Wakefields of Sweet Valley µ August 1991 78.

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