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At a time where races and ethnic groups interact equably more than ever in history, socio-cultural categorization of one’s heritage still acts as a wall between populations.Such a wall is often filled with misinterpretations, stereotypes and often ridiculous assertions that cloud proper understanding.

I was sure he was a very liberal guy from an equally liberal city.While many Blacks say they’re over the topic constantly making news and blog headlines, those Blacks involved in interracial relationships are quick to insist that it’s not as acceptable as it seems among certain groups in society and that the conversation needs to be furthered.Moguldom Studios has accepted the challenge with the release of it’s latest documentary, .He loved her for her personality despite how she looks,” has recently been taking Facebook by storm as thousands of people have been sharing it on their walls and actually agreeing with it, saying things like, “Awww, he is so cute that he doesn’t care about her dark skin,” and such things. In regards to culture, maybe shwaya.” – Kristina “Yes, shwaya ketir!We here at Scoop Empire have decided to speak to real-life interracial Arab couples from all across the world to show you that love knows no damn color. ” – Omar “We’re looking forward to how the kids are gonna look, but honestly, he’s too handsome for me!

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