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Whenever I move, the first thing I make sure to change is the address my magazine subscription goes to.

It's the one essential I can't imagine leaving behind at the wrong address.

Mandatory reporting is when a person is required by law to report abuse.

Typically doctors, counselors, teachers, who are required to report child abuse.

A recent credit score report from Trans Union states that I "have no real estate accounts that can be used in determining a credit score." Yet I do have a mortgage in good standing with a credit union that does not show up on my credit report.

Would it be worth the effort to have this mortgage included, and how would I go about doing so? have mortgages that are not reported to the credit bureaus, according to Michael Nathans, the founder of Pay Rent, Build Credit, Inc. Nathans has been working for years to empower consumers with the ability to have their regular bill payments -- often referred to as alternative or nontraditional credit information -- included in credit decisions. I predict that one of the other bureaus will have your mortgage listed.

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Of course, you can always contact the credit bureaus directly to correct any errors.

So, I suggest you begin by checking your credit reports from the other two major credit bureaus -- Equifax and Experian.

You can access a free copy of your credit reports annually at Review your reports for accuracy and dispute any inaccurate or out-of-date information with the bureau that reported it.

The bankruptcy public record will remain in your credit report for up to 10 years from the filing date.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy remains for seven years and Chapter 7 remains 10 years.

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