Validating user input with c

string num String = "1287543"; //"1287543.0" will return false for a long long number1 = 0; bool can Convert = long.

Try Parse(num String, out number1); if (can Convert == true) Console.

In the walkthrough, you will create a page for a Web site that allows visitors to request a reservation.

Because the purpose of the walkthrough is to illustrate validation, the nature of the reservation is not important (for example, if could be for a restaurant, a community center meeting room, or something else), and the page does not actually process the reservation.

In addition to providing instructions, validate user input to help users avoid mistakes.

Forms frequently include required input that needs to be clearly identified using labels.These dialogs are expected to respect the settings and preferences of the user in the web browser (and operating system), such as default font-size, colors, and language.In the example below, the attribute is added to the input field.Also, the attribute can be added to form controls, to programmatically indicate that they are required.Most current web browsers support this attribute and will communicate missing required input to the user, using standard web browser dialog mechanisms.

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