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The Escape Artist At the end of last week’s episode, Amanda was arrested after being framed by Victoria Grayson for her murder.As a result, the beginning of "Plea" is spent with her lawyer (Tom Amandes, aka Van Camp's TV dad) arguing for her bail.The series stars Madeleine Stowe and Emily Van Camp.The season premiere received mixed response from critics, with many praising the acting while criticizing the plot, saying that it didn't live up to the suspense of the first season. Emily, having discovered her mother is alive, postpones her revenge plan and sets out on a journey to find her mother.The second season of the ABC American television drama series Revenge started on September 30, 2012 on Sundays.An hour long recap show of the first season called "The First Chapter" was shown the week before the premiere on September 26, 2012 at pm Eastern / pm Central.in the Hamptons, Amanda Clarke or Victoria Grayson?

Sunil Nayar: And I loved leaving it up to interpretation.

Digging into her past, traumatic memories from her childhood resurface, and she discovers the Graysons' involvement with her mother's disappearance.

Her search leads her to discover that her mother, now known as Kara Clarke-Murphy, was married to her father's murderer, the mysterious white-haired man whose name is Gordon Murphy.

After four seasons of red Sharpies, colossal takedowns, conniving cocktail parties, and pun-tastic dialogue, Amanda Clarke (Emily Van Camp) and her bartending honey Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) literally rode off into the sunset.

PHOTOS: Shows gone too soon But the happy ending happened only after our favorite black hoodie-wearing protagonist endured her fair share of loss and an eerie heart transplant (or did she?! Showrunner Sunil Nayar spoke to Us Weekly’s Rachel Mc Rady about the explosive finale on Monday, May 11, and had some interesting incite into the lingering questions — like why in the world would Jack and Amanda would get back on a boat!

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