Who is zooey deschanel dating now

Her father, Caleb, is an Academy Award–nominated cinematographer, and her mother, Mary Jo, is an actress. Zooey spent many of her early years traveling around the world as her father worked on different films.Deschanel attended the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, California.Additionally, Emily's costar from Bones, David Boreanaz, brought his wife and son to the evening ceremony in LA.

TV Guide Magazine: So does that mean they're going to ­explore an actual relationship?

TV Guide Magazine: Let's discuss the kiss, because viewers were pretty surprised by how passionate it was.

Zooey Deschanel: When you have characters who've had this sexual tension for this long, it has to be a freakin' hot kiss, and you have to surprise them.

Jake Johnson: There wasn't a lot of conversation between us about it.

What was nice about that moment was, Zooey really knows her character, I know my character, and we were excited we were finally doing more than making eye contact. I'm going to guarantee it — unless they decided to cut it out!

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