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One cannot even conceive of how such a task could be accomplished with mankind's limited ability, and that is for something we can see (e.g.

grasshoppers), let alone what is invisible to the naked eye (e.g. No consistent amount of C14 has ever been calculated in the atmosphere, nor is it possible for mankind to do such a thing without having a device that, at minimum, spanned the circumference of the atmosphere.

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The shelter and house burned down several weeks later, however, which caused physicist and nuclear testing critic .

Also, because carbon dioxide is continuously absorbed by plants and becomes part of their tissues, plants should contain traces of carbon-14.

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For one who travels any distance and local authorities and is subject to additional search filters to increase the height difference and find a hookup.All scientists can do, and all they have done, is test the carbon levels in a few areas of our atmosphere, and everything else is the same.This already creates a serious problem because all measuring tools require a constant with which to measure anything.You would literally have to be all places in the world at the same time in order to confirm the presence, or non-existance, of grasshoppers in all locations.If you cannot be omni-present, which would be required for such a feat, then all you can do is put a guess on the number.

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