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There are just over 1 million adherents in the world, with large concentrations in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel and roughly 30,000 in the United States.The Philadelphia convention, attended by about 400 Druze, took place over four days in April.e’re just a few days from the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City so you know what that means: Puerto Rican pride is going to be on full display! Flags are going to be hanging off of fire escapes and off dudes backs like Superman’s cape; cars will be honking; and the women will be flaunting all those curves that arroz con pollo begets. Her parents originally signed her up for dance and ballet classes, but Laurie wasn't at all interested in either of them.Gymnastics, on the other hand, instantly caught her attention. Laurie has worked with Maggie Haney for almost her entire career — and Laurie is the first elite gymnast Maggie has worked with.On her left hand she wears a big diamond engagement ring.

Druze is a tiny Arab religion that originated in the Middle East 1,000 years ago.

Starting with the 2016 City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy, Laurie was already out to prove she deserved her spot with the "big girls" and won beam gold, vault silver, and all-around bronze. She also claims she's pretty good at photo editing though. She likes to listen to EDM and rap when she's training.

She's also the only first-year senior gymnast on the U. Her four favorite songs at the moment are Pentatonix's "Can't Sleep Love," Martin Garrix's "Don't Look Down," Tiesto's "Chemicals," and Diplo's "Be Right There." 11.

"My earliest memory was watching gymnastics on live TV, and wanting to do what the 'big girls' did," she told NBC. As a result, they've had to learn some things together.3. Her brother, Marcus, is a varsity track runner, and her sister, Jelysa, is a black belt in karate.[instagram ]https:// J7z7/? She's been homeschooled since the third grade and hopes to eventually pursue a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) career as a Gator at the University of Florida.7.

But she only made her senior gymnastics debut this year. If she weren't a gymnast, she'd want to be an actress.

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